How does Online Booking work?

How does Online Booking work?

I have chosen to use Easy Practice. They are a stable supplier of these type of solutions. Billing, etc., is handled through them.

Video call, how does it work?
You book an appointment, fill in the information requested. I confirm the booking + send you a password that you will use. We meet on a booked time through a specialized online service called Whereby. You don’t need to download any program, etc.

The link to the conversation room is:

Meeting by text, how does it work?
We use regular mail. You enter your email when you book, and I will contact you.

When you book “Meeting by text” you actually book a space of 1 day, with the possibility of several replies from me and you. It’s not possible to specify exact times within this timeframe when I will send my replies. Nor how many answers you will get. The amount of time I will dedicate to the task is 60 minutes minimum (but more likely a couple of hours).

I myself use an encrypted email service called ProtonMail for this service. You can use your regular email, no problem, you decide for yourself.

How much does it cost?
My tariff is 500 Swedish Krona (SEK)/hour.
This corresponds to approximately USD 43/EUR 44/37 GBP (August 2022)
You pay via invoice that is sent to you by email afterwards.

I need more information!
Don’t hesitate to contact me:

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